David Buckeridge

Operating director

David Buckeridge is an Operating Director at Paine Schwartz Partners.

Dr. Buckeridge has more than 25 years of management experience in the life science and agribusiness industries. He was an Operating Director at the Predecessor Firm, which he joined in 2006. Dr. Buckeridge was previously the CEO of Advanta, the largest independent agronomic seed business in the world at the time and a Fund II portfolio company. David began his career with the multinational pharmaceutical company AstraZeneca, spending approximately 20 years in a variety of management positions. During this time, he spent approximately eight years in the agrochemicals business, holding several management positions with a European focus. He also spent five years in Des Moines, Iowa, running the commercial operations for AstraZeneca’s seeds business in the US. During this time, as part of the management team, he helped to substantially restructure the sales and marketing organization, increasing the quality and the professionalism of the personnel and restoring profitability to the business.

Dr. Buckeridge is chairman of the board of ScanBio Marine Group and serves on the boards of Spearhead International, Rivulis, and Verdesian Life Sciences. Previously, he also served on the board of Icicle. Dr. Buckeridge also serves on the board of Velcourt, a U.K.-based farm management company. He has a Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. in Genetics and Plant Sciences from the University of Wales (U.K.) and was raised in London, England.