Paine Schwartz Partners Sustainability Report

We are proud to become a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment in 2019.

Sustainability video

Focusing on businesses within the food and agribusiness sector entails an intrinsic alignment between success-driven private equity investing and environmental awareness, and we continue to view this mindset as a differentiating hallmark of both the firm and our strategy. We are proud of the wide array of ESG- and sustainability-related areas we as a firm are able to address through our portfolio companies, and we are dedicated to ensuring these businesses have in place strong governance frameworks and management teams to effectively manage this focus.



We evaluate a target acquisition’s ESG profile from the early days of diligence. We take ESG standards very seriously in the pre-investment phase, and we aim to ensure there are no outstanding ESG issues before we make an investment.



Many of our portfolio companies have an inherent ESG component to their business model. As such, improvements to operational efficiency can increase the positive impact of their production processes.



ESG is important to us for two reasons: we care about the end users of our portfolio companies’ products, and better ESG makes for more saleable businesses when time is right for exit. As such, we institute a strong culture of ESG sensitivity with both Paine Schwartz and portfolio company executives alike.