In food and agribusiness investing, value creation and sustainability can go hand in hand. Environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) concerns have naturally integrated into our business since the early days of our firm.

Sustainability video

Today, we take pride in being on the vanguard of ESG practices for both the private equity and agribusiness industries through all phases of our investment process, including:



We evaluate a target acquisition’s ESG profile from the early days of diligence. A business must exhibit strong existing ESG procedures or a clear path toward them in order to proceed through our screening process.



We conduct quarterly ESG monitoring of all portfolio companies, and we produce an annual ESG report that is available to existing and prospective investors for review to ensure it meets their internal policy.



ESG is important to us for two reasons: we care about our portfolio company’s product’s end users, and better ESG makes for more saleable businesses when time is right for exit. As such, we institute a strong culture of ESG sensitivity with both Paine Schwartz and portfolio company executives alike.