Paine Schwartz Partners recognizes that capital is a commodity, but ideas are not. Our professionals have experience managing challenges in food and agribusiness and investing globally across the value chain and throughout cycles. We use our industry expertise and financial knowledge to identify opportunities.


We Are Focused

Paine Schwartz Partners is a private equity firm that focuses on the large and growing food and agribusiness sectors. We utilize extensive industry expertise to execute a differentiated and disciplined global strategy to address complexity, solve problems, and create innovative solutions which enhance value for sellers, management teams and our investors.

Paine Schwartz Partners professionals have the deep domain knowledge, key industry relationships, willingness to tackle complexity and demonstrated track-record necessary to successfully invest in these sectors.


We Remain Thesis-Driven

Paine Schwartz Partners professionals develop top-down investment theses, build relationships with industry constituents and proactively target specific transaction opportunities.

Our combination of in-depth industry knowledge and extensive network of relationships allows us to make investments through exclusively negotiated transactions rather than competitive auction processes.


We Construct Innovative Solutions

We maintain the strong conviction that to be a successful private equity investor, every aspect of a transaction must be addressed with creativity and attention to detail.

We believe innovative solutions can unlock tangible value at the inception and during the term of an investment.


We Actively Lead

We typically invest in control positions in order to impact financial and operational results.

Our investment strategy and model are best suited to situations in which we can effect fast change to produce optimal outcomes.


We Embrace Complexity

We believe that the complexity of the food and agribusiness sectors often inhibit efficient auction processes or other capital markets solutions.

Our creativity, industry expertise and financial knowledge allow us to tackle and solve our sectors’ complex issues.